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More boring vids...

Post  dhummm on Tue Jun 30, 2009 9:49 pm

Hi All,

Here are a couple more videos a couple from the 06/27/09 RMC below. It’s that time again to check out my “rough” driving style. I never got the hang of this course just a little to hot in some places. Still had a blast, thanks to all!

One of my fastest runs here:

One run with data overlay:

Here is a couple from the NE-SVT AutoX a couple of weeks ago. This was my favorite course to date. The goal was to have fast turns not overall fast speeds. The fastest speed for me was 62MPH briefly.

Three runs from the event:

The wife’s best friends wedding, hope the wife’s best friend doesn’t see this…

MaxQ data shown here with course layout.

My fastest run:


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